Workshop on Pros and Cons

Group Workshop on PROS & CONS


  • To discuss the topic you chose with your group and suggest changes or additions to the list of pros and cons presented by your classmate.
  • To suggest patterns of organization: should your peer include personal narratives? What kind of research would strengthen the information presented?
  • To suggest memorable openers/closers.


  1. Is the topic appropriate for an INFORMATIVE PRO-CON speech? Is the topic controversial enough?
  2. Is the topic relevant, interesting? Or is it played-out? How can the played-out topic be presented in a way that it BECOMES original?
  3. Challenge the assumptions made by your classmates about pros and cons: play devil’s advocate. Ex: Is your friend’s example really a CON/PRO?
  4. How will your peer include the RULE of THREE?
  5. Will if be more effective to start with the pros or the cons? Why? Or would it be better to do point by point: pro and con argued in tandem?
  6. Is your peer being too PERSUASIVE?
  7. What would be a memorable way to BEGIN and CONCLUDE? (Remember to not cut your conclusion short. Ease  out of it. Leave us with some food for thought).

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